Hello, we’re Wellness with a Goal.

We’re a registered charity providing and promoting a range of wellbeing-related services in Elmbridge, Surrey.

Founded in 1992 as a user-led peer support charity, the majority of our services remain delivered by people with lived experience of mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

We base our services on these Six Pillars of Wellbeing: 

the six pillars of wellbeing, people movement mindfulness learning giving and flow

They’re our evidence-based wellbeing enhancers, as shown through research in the field of positive psychology, the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and South London and Maudsley’s (SLAM’s) Wheel of Wellbeing.

Our clients range from people with a diagnosed mental health condition to those who would like to enhance their wellbeing.

Want to know whether you’re experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety? We recommend this free mood self-assessment tool from NHS Choices:

content provided by NHS Choices



Whatever your scores are, we can help.

Our services are affordable and operate on a ‘pay what you can’ pricing model with 100% of donations reinvested into our services.