You’re completely focused on the words you’re reading. Time passes by, but you’re scarcely aware of the world around you. You’re entirely immersed in the quality (and intelligence and beauty) of this writing. You are experiencing flow.

Ok, well, maybe not.

But you know the feeling we’re alluding to: of being in the zone, of being so consumed by a task that we becoming completely absorbed by it.

That’s flow.

Like mindfulness, flow has been around for a long time, but it was Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced me-high cheek-sent-me-high!) who recognised and researched its potential as a promising technique for wellbeing and improved mood.

His research also suggests that flow can improve our learning skills; by working to master the activity at hand and succeeding, we must seek increasingly greater challenges. This has obvious (and fantastic) implications for the ongoing self-esteem and self-confidence of someone regularly engaging in flow.

Art Service

One of our most popular services, our art classes are affordable and open to complete beginners. Our art tutors are there to give tuition if you wish to develop your artistic skills! Check out our Flickr for recent work produced by our artists.

We also run an annual art exhibition, art-themed day trips and art workshops. You can become involved in the design and delivery of these through our art committee meetings. For more information, please contact info@wwag.org.uk.

Creative Writing Classes

Find your flow in our friendly creative writing class at our Walton office. Our Volunteer Facilitator Lesley will give you a theme and it’s up to you to let your creative juices flow! This class is attended by complete beginners to people who have previously published novels.

Please check out our calendar for information on dates, times and location.