Sometimes we can feel that we’re so stressed and busy that we can scarcely take care of ourselves, let alone others. That being said, if you can spare the time, giving back has been proven to be a big boost to our mental health. Selfless acts such as volunteering or donating have the peculiar side effect of prompting that warm fuzzy feel-good feeling that might be related to the release of endorphins. Giving back then, may benefit you as much in the long-run as it benefits the people and the community with whom you’re working. Isn’t that lovely?

If you’ve benefitted from our services or if you simply want to hoard all that warm fuzzy glow all to yourself, you can learn more about volunteering with us. You can grow vegetables at the local community allotment project in Walton-on-Thames, or get your hands dirty clearing up the countryside with Elmbridge Borough Council. The Men in Shed project gives you the chance to complete projects such as garden planters and children’s toys.

As the old adage goes: ‘help yourself by helping others.’

Community Allotment

Grow food, enjoy the great outdoors and make new friends at the community allotment project in Walton-on-Thames ran by Paragon Housing and Walton Charity!

Conservation Volunteering

This volunteering scheme is ran by Elmbridge Borough Council. Volunteer tasks are open to anyone who has an interest in working with the Countryside Team to conserve and improve Elmbridge’s countryside sites and does not mind getting their hands dirty!

Men in Sheds

Ran by Thames Ditton Community Centre, the Men in Sheds project features a brand new fully equipped workman’s shed with state-of the-art tools. Volunteers have completed projects such as garden planters, garden furniture, dolls houses, children’s toys and much more! The shed is supervised by experienced woodwork leaders able to talk you through safety guidelines and show you how to use the tools.

Please check out our calendar for information on dates, times and location.