Our values

At Wellness with a Goal, our aim is a simple one – to promote the mental and physical wellbeing of our clients and in turn the wellbeing of our community. (Thinking globally, acting locally!)

Simple, but challenging. To achieve it we will need tact, resolve, and above all guiding principles. To this end we have assembled six core values that guide our decisions and behaviour daily. These values reflect the expectations we have for all of our staff, volunteers and trustees, values that we believe should be integral to health and social care nationwide.


  • We aspire to deliver, you guessed it, excellence, with stellar client service and satisfaction rates that are through the proverbial roof.
  • We’re proud of our high standards in staff training, training that includes mental health awareness, motivational interviewing and a whole lot more. We work constantly to meet and exceed these standards.


  • A recent survey revealed 77% of our organisation have lived experience of mental health difficulties such as stress, depression and anxiety.
  • We can offer our clients an understanding and compassionate space, a space many of us have sought out ourselves.


  • Collaboration is the name of the game people – we can achieve so much more together than we ever could alone!
  • To that end our trustee board is comprised of both members and elected trustees, we have several collaboration-based volunteering opportunities, and we work with local charitable organisations to promote their service through signposting and our Community Calendar.


  • We strive to empower our clients through a variety of evidence-based and holistic wellbeing services using the power of self-help, based on our Six Pillar of Wellbeing: people, movement, mindfulness, learning, giving and flow.
  • As lush as our aromatherapy and massages are, we recognise the importance of practical support in issues such as housing, employment and finance for our clients and have services designed to help people in these areas.
  • Our name represents how we work with clients to set empowering goals and change their lives for the better.


  • We believe in the continuum model of mental health – mental health is a spectrum along which all of us move in our lifetimes.
  • With that model in mind, our services are affordable and open to all.


  • At Wellness with a Goal we make it our mission to implement new and exciting technological platforms to promote wellbeing and deliver our positive message to the masses. Drones were vetoed after an accident in the lab, so online technology will have to do.