Who are we?

Victoria Brookbank – Chief Executive Officer

“My favourite wellbeing tool is mindfulness meditation, so I guess that makes my favourite pillar mindfulness! I’ve been practicing mindful meditation for over ten years and it’s been an integral part of my wellbeing. I now run the mindfulness workshops at Wellness with a Goal. It feels great to share this tool with others and impart the wisdom of mindful living. It has helped me cultivate strong compassion and empathy towards myself and others. Mindfulness rocks!”

Kelley Frizelle – Office Co-ordinator

“I love coming to work at Wellness with a Goal because I get to meet so many people, and being able to help and support them really brightens my day. This ties into my favourite value of ‘Empowering’. Supporting our clients onto the path of regaining control is very rewarding as I can see how this can really change people’s lives.”

Chris Gaylon – Wellness Coach

“My favourite pillar of wellbeing is movement. I swim three times a week and enjoy walking everyday which keeps my body fit and my mind healthy. I believe movement is essential for good wellbeing. My other favourite is giving. My job involves giving my time by listening and supporting people, and it’s very rewarding. It makes Wellness with a Goal a great place to work.”

Paul Graham – IT Analyst and Community Partner Manager

“I love working at Wellness with a Goal as I feel that both directly and indirectly I make a difference to people’s lives for the better. Having worked in more ‘commercial’ places I would really miss this aspect of feeling good about what I do for a living if I went back to my ‘career’ job.”

Toni Breen – Support Worker

“My favourite pillar is mindfulness – I practise this using Headspace, adult 1000 dot, dot to dot and Querkles colouring!”

Cathy Edwards – Support Worker

“I have enjoyed working for Wellness with a Goal for the past 15 years. I love helping people to belong again in the community. It is a very caring organisation as we have understanding and compassion for all.”

Ellie Gannon – Accounts and Admin Worker

“I love working at Wellness with a Goal because it is nice to see the difference that we make to our client’s daily lives. The understanding and supportive environment encourages people to expand their experiences and social interactions. This makes it a very rewarding place to work.”

Clare Young – Anxiety Support Group Facilitator Volunteer

“My favourite wellbeing books are ‘CBT for Dummies’ and ‘The Mindfulness Workbook’. The first represents my first tentative steps in managing my mental health and the second represents how far I’ve come.

I have been a client of Wellness with a Goal for 4 years now and I love running the Anxiety Support Group because I get to be right at the heart of peer support in action. We can go so far with the non-judgemental encouragement found in the clients of Wellness with a Goal. For me, I found a safe space and made friends for life when I attended my first Wellness with a Goal activities (and an addiction to tea!). Now I get to keep that support going and strengthen it by sharing my own experiences. So I guess my favourite pillar of wellbeing is people :)….. and mindfulness!”

Mel Stock – Outreach and Engagement Volunteer

“I love being a volunteer with Wellness with a Goal because it’s lovely to see clients come to activities and be proud of what they produce. I think all six pillars are important, but my favourite is Giving. I believe that giving back something to the community is a great way for people to come together, work as a team, and focus their energy, however that may be, by giving something back to a community in which others can receive joy and happiness.”